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If you're interested in trading in your old car for a new one, you've probably already heard the term trade-in value: the amount of money that a dealership will give you for your old car. It's often a little (or, in some cases, a lot) less than the retail value, which is the price that a dealership will use when advertising the car for sale.


Auction vehicles can get very expensive. Dealers must pay for the unit plus auction fees, transportation fees, shop fees not to mention someone from the dealership misses a day from work.


We have several dealers in your area looking for good quality used cars and will pay TOP dollar for your trade-in. Our goal is to get you the most for your trade-in so we developed a system where you the consumer can shop your trade via TRUEinvoice with True Trade.

Its really simple. Send us your information on your trade. We will send you a link to upload photos or video and then we send this out to the dealers in your market. Dealers will bid on your vehicle and we will send you the offers.


Best of all they do not know who you are. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFO WITH DEALERS. You never have to worry about being called by annoying salesman. Now you're in control and can pick and choose what dealer is giving you the most for your trade-in.


Here's a few FAQ's that may help answer further questions about the True Trade Offer by TRUEinvoice.


What if I owe more than what the vehicle is worth? 

  • That's okay and exactly why you would want a dealers competing to buy your trade-in. When dealers bid YOU WIN!!!

How can I see the offers dealers are making on my trade?

  • We will set you up with a user name and password for our dashboard.

Is this a guaranteed offer?

  • Its an offer based on your description and photos or videos of your trade. Nothing is 100% final until you bring the unit to the dealership for inspection. If it passes inspection then yes the offer stands as made by the dealer. 

How man dealers will make offer?

  • This depends on your next vehicle desired. If you are looking for a new F150 we will send the trade to only Ford dealers in your area. Remember, we only send the vehicle information and photos. we do this so that you do not get overwhelmed with phone calls and/or emails.

How long does this process take?

  • About 24 hour response from the time you upload your information and we send to the appropriate dealers.

Does this cost anything?

  • No its 100% FREE to you. We only get paid a small $50.00 fee from the dealer when and if you make a deal.




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Click Here to secure Trade Trade Offers - We Guarantee TOP Dollar for Your Trade-In 


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